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Beyond Design, Inc.
Art Casting
Molds & Moldmaking
Composites & Concretes
Other Capabilities & Services
Beyond Design provides specialized services to artists, designers, architects and contractors in the field of plastics fabrication.
We work in many markets and pursue interesting and challenging projects. Whether it is a crystal clear sculpture, a rotocast dinosaur filled with foam, an epoxy composite building component, or a foam cored, carbon fiber epoxy stressed skin panel, Beyond Design can provide the services and production capability required.
(more about us here)

EARTHANE, Inc. EARTHANE green foam insulation EARTHANE green foam insulation EARTHANE is our sister company.
With over 35 years in the spray foam business, we serve the industrial, commercial, and residential insulation markets using our namesake foam: an environmentally green urethane foam, blown by water rather than chemicals such as Freon, and made from a sugar base.
Through EARTHANE we are working with architects on developing an advanced SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel System) as part of our re-entry into the architectural market.
Visit us at www.EARTHANE.com!


Architectural Market
Beyond Design Inc. is re-directing our primary business focus toward the Architectural market. The goal is to bring our experience with plastics, composites and foams back into the construction markets where we started over 30 years ago.

The Harrah's Casino Globe and Jeep Liberty Rocks are the newest project page additions to our website.
Coast of Utopia
The Coast of Utopia
Beyond Design helped create the Horses of Marly featured in this multiple Tony Award winning, critically acclaimed play by Tom Stoppard.

Welcome to the website of Beyond Design, Inc.

Beyond Design Inc. | Sound of Music Rock Beyond Design Inc. - Rock for The Sound of Music on Broadway
Rock for The Sound of Music - Toronto, Ontario | PRG Scenic
If you have any feedback on the site, we'd love to hear from you. You can email us at beyond13@frontiernet.net or leave comments on our Contact Us page.

Thank you!
Friday 2/9/08


Across the Universe:

  • Here's a screenshot of the Statue of LIberty, which Beyond Design helped to create (click to enlarge) :
    Across the Universe - Statue of Liberty
    (via the New York Times)
  • A slideshow from the New York Times featuring the Statue of Liberty photo can be found here (screenshot is slide 5)
  • New York Times review of Across the Universe here.
  • Across the Universe trailers and clips

The Little Mermaid:

  • A slideshow of Little Mermaid photos can be found here at the musical's official homepage. Beyond Design helped create some of the set pieces.


Thursday 1/10/08

The Broadway musical version of The Little Mermaid opens today. Beyond Design helped to create certain set pieces for this musical. See a news video from ABC regarding the opening here.

 Disney's Ariel, Sebastian and Ursula light up the Great White Way.
(News via Yahoo!)

Sunday 12/16/07
I Am Legend, the new action/horror movie starring Will Smith, opened this weekend to the highest December opening box office gross ever. Beyond Design helped to create the ticket booth at Times Square for this movie.
Our new look goes live today.

Friday 9/28/07

Across the Universe, the new movie directed by Julie Taymor with songs by the Beatles, opens today in many cities across the US. Beyond Design helped create the Statue of Liberty prop for this movie. See pictures of its making here.


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